Six County Commissions' Resolution: Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler

Be it further resolved, that by taking this stance, we as elected officials, pledge our honest effort to secure the maximum value-added investment and employment potential offered by the natural gas industry and related industries for our constituents now and for the future. 

Kanawha County Commission Resolution

In recognition and appreciation of the many benefits our natural gas industry provides for our County and State, the Kanawha County Commission hereby adopts this resolution and supports the development of the rich Marcellus shale by the natural gas industry in West Virginia, encourages the construction of an ethane cracker plant in Kanawha County, and welcomes natural gas operating companies, service providers and their employees in our County.

Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce

Resolution supporting appropriate efforts by the natural gas industry to explore and develop the resources located within our county to promote economic development through job creation and investment.