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Shale Crescent USA Wants to Rebrand Region

WHEELING — The area has been known by many names — the Upper Ohio Valley, Appalachia, the Rust Belt and Coal Country — in the past, but one organization hopes to rebrand the region in a way that will help it capitalize on its natural gas and other petrochemical reserves. Greg Kozera wants residents, community leaders and businesses to start using the term “Shale Crescent&rd...

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Kevin DiGregorio: Study verifies Appalachia's petrochemical advantage (Daily Mail)

It’s nice when someone else’s data corroborates your own newfound conventional wisdom. It’s icing on the cake when that same data reverses the more longstanding conventional wisdom of others. Since the development of the Marcellus shale, we have known that West Virginia and the Appalachian Region, including Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky, offer significant economic advantages fo...

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Brian Anderson: A history of collaboration will lead to a bright future

As a son of Roane and Jackson counties, I have seen the fortunes of West Virginia rise and fall largely based on the state’s ability to turn our abundant energy resources into a powerful driver for economic growth. Like many in Jackson County, my first job was at the Ravenswood Aluminum plant, which lost its smelting operations to Century Aluminum’s expansion in Iceland. For me, this l...

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