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Shale Crescent USA Wants to Rebrand Region

WHEELING — The area has been known by many names — the Upper Ohio Valley, Appalachia, the Rust Belt and Coal Country — in the past, but one organization hopes to rebrand the region in a way that will help it capitalize on its natural gas and other petrochemical reserves. Greg Kozera wants residents, community leaders and businesses to start using the term “Shale Crescent&rd...

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Report finds property values unaffected by presence of pipelines

Washington, D.C. - The presence of an underground natural gas transmission pipeline does not affect the sales prices or value of residential properties, according to a new study, Pipeline Impact to Property Value and Property Insurability, conducted by Integra Realty Resources on behalf of The INGAA Foundation Inc. "We undertook an independent study of residential properties in proximity to natura...

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Oil Exports Could Happen Under Agreement

WHEELING - Both Democratic and Republican senators believe they have an agreement in place to lift a ban on oil exports, in the interest of both economic development and national security. The federal government's ban on exporting oil dates to the 1970s, an era when gasoline shortages - caused by OPEC imposing an embargo on oil sales to the U.S. - led to skyrocketing prices and long lines at servi...

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