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Consumer Energy Alliance Report: Shale Industry Has Energized West Virginia

WHEELING — This week, Chris Ventura, executive director of the Alliance, said the consumer advocate organization’s latest report, “Powering West Virginia,” shows Mountain State energy consumers are the winners when it comes to lower natural gas prices. Ventura said in 2006, natural gas cost consumers $10 per mcf or 1,000 cubic feet. Today, that figure is $4 per mcf, accordi...

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Letter: Shale boom is improving US economy, reducing its dependency

Editor: The U.S. oil and natural gas industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. Just a few years ago the idea of America using supertankers to export oil around the world would have seemed preposterous. Remember all the hand-wringing over U.S. dependence on Middle East oil? Now, thanks to dramatic breakthroughs in shale technology, U.S. oil production is on track to reach historic highs, more ...

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Tri-State Shale Coalition Agreement extended

CHARLESTON — The Tri-State Shale Coalition Agreement, which aims to enhance cooperation and job growth by developing shale gas in the Appalachian Basin, has been extended, Gov. Jim Justice said Wednesday. The agreement includes Justice, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. In the agreement, the three states work together on issues in infrastructure systems, workforce...

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